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Quality Improvement Process


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Recently, I’ve been thinking about how we structure our trainings and workshops. We always try to pack in a full day of content on the subject area. We try to provide the best resources and most effective tools. We work to provide time for you to practice, time for you to reflect, time for you to discuss, and time for you to connect with and hear from your colleagues.

Being Adaptive

Recently a group of colleagues and I attended an Adaptive School’s seminar which taught us specific strategies and techniques to employ in order to facilitate more efficient meetings and to provide more effective engagement in our trainings.

Implementation? Cowabunga!

The opening credits to every Simpson’s episode feature Bart, the lifelong 4th grader, subjected to punishment and writing some phrase that starts “I will not…” repeatedly on his classroom chalkboard. Sometimes I picture Bart (or me) writing this phrase hundreds of times: “I will not expect this change to be easy or to happen overnight.”


Quality Improvement Process Toolkit

  • Golden Circle Tools: The Why, How and What of the Quality Improvement Process: The concept of the Golden Circle, developed by Simon Sinek and articulated in this TED Talk ( is used by QIP Teams to ensure that their work is driven by a meaningful Why, or student outcome, and identifies Hows and Whats for the school to implement that are directly aligned to that student outcome. These tools help teams use that concept to focus in on the purpose of their improvement plan and ensure that the activities they have planned are likely to achieve that purpose.
  • RSE-TASC Explicit Instruction Walk-Through Tool: The RSE-TASC Explicit Instruction Walk-Through Tool is both a teaching tool and a data collection tool. It identifies research-based practices that have been proven to be effective for all students, but particularly effective for students with disabilities, English Language Learners, and student of poverty.
  • Simplified Explicit Instruction Walk-Through Tool: This is a simplified version of the tool above, divided into What Staff are Doing and What Students are Doing. It also includes links to video clips that illustrates what some of the Look Fors on the tool might look like.

This page is maintained by Andrew Ecker, John McCabe and Francesca Fernandez, Lower Hudson RSE-TASC Special Education School Improvement Specialists. Click here to send them a question or comment.


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