Links to the NYSED memo and the Regents announcement regarding the Superintendent Determination Amendment:

Superintendent Determination of Graduation with a Local Diploma-Updated

Board of Regents Expands Safety Net Option for Students with Disabilities to Earn Local Diploma


Want more information about the various diploma options including the Superintendent’s Determination?  Check out the video series available at New York State Education’s Curriculum and Instruction website:  Six videos are offered, each one featuring a power-point with voice-over instruction:

New York State High School Diploma Requirements Overview

Meeting Diploma Pathway Requirements

The Dual Role of the Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Commencement Credential

Meeting the Assessment Requirements for a Regents Diploma or Local Diploma

Meeting the Requirements for the Superintendent Determination of a Local Diploma

Appeal to Graduate with a Lower Score on a Regents Examination Requirements and Information

Each video lasts about six to nine minutes.  They provide viewers with introductory information and the content is delivered in a straight forward manner. Each slide is narrated and individuals as well as large groups will be able to readily access this information.