Student Outcomes Conference – July 2018

This month’s student outcome bright spots come from the 17 teams who celebrated their student outcomes at SOcon, and shared what works, and how we can do more of it.

Student Outcomes in Developing Self-Advocacy and Self-Monitoring Skills

New Year, New Words – People First in 2018!

Student Goal-Setting & Self-Monitoring: A Critical Life Skill

The first principle of the New York State Blueprint for Improved Outcomes for Students with Disabilities states: Students engage in self-advocacy and are involved in determining their own educational goals and plans. The Blueprint clarifies that students with disabilities should be creating and monitoring their own progress towards academic and social goals. (For more information on the Blueprint, see the School Tool on page 3.) Why is this the first principle of the Blueprint? Because student self-regulation, which includes goal-setting and self-monitoring, has consistently been proven to have a powerful positive impact across achievement areas for students with disabilities.
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