Student-Directed Transitions for Preschoolers?

Preschool PBIS/Pyramid Team Training – March 2018

This month’s Bright Spot comes from staff in the preschool programs at the Association for Children with Down’s Syndrome, Alcott School, Hudson Valley Cerebral Palsy and the Children’s School for Early Development who have been attending the Preschool PBIS/Pyramid Team training with RSE-TASC Preschool Behavior Specialist Erin Leskovic.

Preschool Pyramid Model and PBIS: Are they the Same?

Tips for a Happy Halloween: Helping young students with disabilities and their families enjoy the holiday

A Change in Perspective: Teacher Self-Efficacy & Student Behavior

According to research summarized by the authors, “teachers’ feelings of low self-efficacy ... were significant predictors of conflict with children…[and teacher] higher levels of personal stressors were associated with substantially lower levels of classroom behavioral management” (116-121). In other words, conflict with students is not just related to student behavior but is highly correlated with the teacher’s emotional state.
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