Social-Emotional Screening: Effectively Targeting Student Support

"Why aren’t schools putting more of a priority on social-emotional learning (SEL)?” We frequently ask ourselves this question during our behavior planning meetings because we hear educators in our region express a deep-seated belief that what and how kids learn socially and behaviorally is important. We have come up with a multitude of reasons why SEL takes a backseat and one reason tends to stand out. In education today, academic standards and benchmarks are readily available, prioritized, and privileged, while there is very little available to help schools anchor, measure, and monitor social wellness and social learning.

Ask the ‘TASC #8: What is the best way to implement PBIS in a middle school? A high school?

Ask the ‘TASC #7: What is a “replacement” behavior? How do I identify an appropriate one? 

Ask the ‘TASC # 6: How do we empower staff at lunch/recess to take initiative?

Ask the ‘TASC # 5: What are some suggestions and ways to reinvent after 5+ years of implementing PBIS? Looking for ideas for keeping things fresh, creative, and new.

Ask the ‘TASC #4: What are some ideas for no- or low-cost acknowledgements for students who are demonstrating desired behaviors?

Ask the ‘TASC #3: How do I continue PBIS after long breaks or with new staff or students?

Improving All Students’ Mental Health Outcomes: Start with Why – Part II

Two years ago I wrote a Reporter article to share my why (as in Sinek, 2011) – improving mental health outcomes for all students. Since then I have participated in the National Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) Targeted Workgroup and conducted doctoral research on this topic. My three biggest takeaways are that we need to: (a) Start with why, (b) Demystify mental health, and (c) Leverage what works.

PBIS Implementation Idea Share — See What Your Colleagues Are Up To!

Ask the ‘TASC #2: Why do we need to reinforce kids for behaving the right way?

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