Book Review — Checking for Understanding: Formative Assessment Techniques for Your Classroom

What to Look for — Effective Instruction for Students with Disabilities

Reciprocal Teaching: An Evidence-Based Reading Comprehension Strategy

Instructional Support for English Language Learners

Student Outcomes in Literacy, Math and Academic Learning Behaviors

Effective Vocabulary Instruction: The Backbone to Reading Comprehension

Learning to Practice “Productive Disagreement”

Improving Student Writing

Positive Results from Simple Strategy – February 2017

This Bright Spot comes from the teachers at Boyce Thompson elementary school in Yonkers who worked with SESIS Martha Trujillo-Torp last year.

Motivating Students to Write – December 2016

Joe Gilson, Global History teacher at Port Chester High School, who worked with RSE-TASC Special Education School Improvement Specialist David Luhman in the 2015-2016 school year taught students multiple learning strategies in his 9th grade Global History I Co-Taught classes to support student engagement in writing. One strategy in particular stood out. The 5 W's and H is a strategy used to help students think about and identify details about a topic before writing. The students identify Who, Where, What, When, Why & How and then use these details to first develop sentences and then develop a paragraph. This strategy is designed to get students to write more and be more specific which is important in global history, especially for Thematic and DBQ essays.
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