How Can We Improve Deeper Learning for Students with Disabilities?

RSE-TASC Special Education School Improvement Specialists across New York State have the opportunity to collaboratively collect data in multiple classrooms where students with disabilities are educated, using the RSE-TASC Explicit and Specially Designed Instruction Walk-Through tool. This tool includes multiple “Look Fors” for instructional practices that have been proven to be effective in supporting the learning of all students, and in particular students with disabilities and English Language Learners. While many of these practices are being seen with increasing frequency over the years, some are observed with stubbornly low frequency. One of these is: “Teachers explicitly teach strategies for responding to higher order questions.”

Explicit Direct Instruction – February 2018

This month’s Bright Spot comes from staff at the Mount Pleasant Cottage, Summit, Hallen, Hawthorne Cedar Knolls and Clarkstown schools who attended a three-day training on Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) facilitated by RSE-TASC Non-District Specialists Fran Fernandez and John McCabe.

Explicit Direct Instruction – December 2017

This month’s Bright Spot comes from teachers from Katonah-Lewisboro, North Rockland and Irvington who attended a two-day training on Explicit Direct Instruction with RSE-TASC specialist, Ann Narcisse. One of the many strategies they learned was the use of “non-volunteers”.

Well-Crafted Lessons Consider What Students Already Know

Explicit Direct Instruction Helping to Improve Students’ Outcomes – June 2017

This month our Bright Spot comes from  Monique Bonfiglio, Technology Teacher at Summit School, who attended the RSE-TASC Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) Institute.

Explicit Strategy Instruction Increases Student Independence & Success – April 2017

This month our Bright Spots come from teachers in Carmel, Summit School, North Rockland, Mount Vernon, and Hallen School who attended a training on Specially Designed Instruction (SDI).

Explicit Direct Instruction and the Growth Mindset – March 2017

This month our Bright Spot comes from Jo-Ann More, a 3rd grade teacher at Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School in the Croton-Harmon School District.  She recently attended the RSE-TASC Explicit Direct Instruction Institute.

Effective Feedback and Explicit Direct Instruction – October 2016

This Bright Spot comes from Stacy Fertile, a Special Education self-contained classroom teacher in Mount Vernon where Denise Jaffe, SESIS, provided professional development support in Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI).

Higher Order Analysis and Evaluation – June 2016

This Bright Spot comes from Fred Santoli, Coordinator of Curriculum & Assessment at Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES. Fred has been supporting teachers in the Fox Meadow program in using Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) strategies to increase high school students’ ability to ask higher order questions.

Improving Students’ Reading and Writing Skills – April 2016

This Bright Spot comes from Fayga Ringel, a resource room teacher in a school in East Ramapo.
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