Our beginning-of-the-year Bright Spots come from the end-of-the-year RSE-TASC Survey.  Thanks to all who responded!!

What were students able to achieve?

More than 50% of the survey respondents shared evidence of improvements in student outcomes as a result of changes in practices and systems, while another 48% said they were collecting evidence and expecting to see a change.  A few examples of improved student outcomes include:

⇒ I have observed more involvement in activities, less negative behaviors and more positive behaviors—students are self-monitoring and using positive language.

⇒ My students are more engaged.  They are participating in the lesson and answering questions without fear of getting the wrong answer.

⇒ Students have shown an increase in attention to task as well as an increase in their comprehension of the objective(s) being taught.

⇒ Scores on content area tests that measure vocabulary understanding went up.

⇒ STAR assessment scores have improved.

⇒ Student data from Fountas and Pinnell Assessments (for comprehension) and Aimsweb Tests (for reading fluency) have all improved.

⇒ Students have increased vocabulary and are improving syntax and semantic skills both verbally and in writing.

⇒ I receive more positive feedback from parents after my staff’s efforts to collaborate with teachers, service providers and administrators using a team approach.

⇒ Because of improved quality of IEP Goals, students are making progress and parents are impressed with student progress.

⇒ We see that students are developing a better understanding of their needs and goals and taking more ownership in their IEP development.

⇒ The student seemed to change his view on teachers. Before he felt school was against him and not in his control. Teachers saw him take a more active role in his education instead of it just happening to him.

⇒ Students are now exploring more career options.

⇒ Students look forward to working in the school store and learning vocational skills.


What can we learn from this Bright Spot?

When educators have the opportunity for on-going exploration of evidence-based and best practices in professional learning activities, and receive support in applying what they learn, there is a direct impact on student performance across a wide range of achievement areas.  Student engagement, confidence and ownership of learning increase as well.