Lower Hudson Regional Partnership Center Reporter Articles


Positive Classroom Management: Creating an Environment for Learning

By Sara Fienup, Behavior Specialist
March 2019
When I asked a room of 50 educators how many courses in classroom management they took during their teacher training coursework, an overwhelming majority reported taking only one or even none. Yet, all agreed that effective teaching and learning cannot take place in a poorly managed classr...

Self-Determination Skills Empower Students of All Ages

By Kit Casey, Transition Specialist
February 2019
How well do students really understand themselves? Can they identify their areas of interest as well as the things they are good at and enjoy doing? Are they aware of their needs – those connected with their disabilities? The responses to these questions are at the heart of self-determi...

Fidelity of Implementation: What is it and Why does it Matter?

By John Boniello, Special Education School Improvement Specialist
January 2019
Is your core literacy program effective? Is it meeting the needs of at least 80% of your students, meaning that at least 80% of your students are meeting grade level expectations or making sufficient progress to close the gap? I am sure if someone came to your school you would be able to a...

Rethinking Classroom Assessment

By Krista Promnitz, former Special Education School Improvement Specialist
December 2018
I walked into my Coordinator’s office to plan my professional development and she asked me, “What do you think you need to learn more about ?” Despite the simplicity of the question, a quick answer was not at the ready. After some thought, I said I would like to know more about how...
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