RSE-TASC Reporter Articles


Fidelity of Implementation: What is it and Why does it Matter?

By John Boniello, Special Education School Improvement Specialist
January 2019
Is your core literacy program effective? Is it meeting the needs of at least 80% of your students, meaning that at least 80% of your students are meeting grade level expectations or making sufficient progress to close the gap? I am sure if someone came to your school you would be able to a...

Rethinking Classroom Assessment

By Krista Promnitz, former Special Education School Improvement Specialist
December 2018
I walked into my Coordinator’s office to plan my professional development and she asked me, “What do you think you need to learn more about ?” Despite the simplicity of the question, a quick answer was not at the ready. After some thought, I said I would like to know more about how...

A Three-Step Approach to Identifying Developmentally Appropriate Practices

By Erin Leskovic, Preschool Behavior Specialist
November 2018
“Instruction must be developmentally appropriate!” This, or some variation thereof, is something we use and hear frequently in education. However, if you ask someone to define what “developmentally appropriate” means, few can articulate a clear response or envision what it actually...

Transforming Evidence-Based Practices into Usable Innovations: A Case Study with SRSD

By Ann Narcisse, Regional Special Education Trainer & Nicole Scariano, School Improvement Specialist
October 2018
This summer when we presented our Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) workshop, we wanted to ground the workshop in a highly effective, evidence-based practice (EBP). We decided on Self Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD), a set of student strategies for writing that teachers can explicitl...
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