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RSE-TASC Reporter Articles

Put Me In, Coach!: Enhancing Teachers' Competence and Confidence through Practice-Based Coaching

By Erin Leskovic, RSE-TASC Preschool Behavior Specialist
November 2017
Anyone in education has likely experienced poorly designed professional development (PD) at one time or another. We are stuck in a meeting or lecture where the content does not apply to our work or the focus of the meeting is uninspiring (anyone want to spend a day learning how to fill out...

Mindfulness in Schools

By Martha Trujillo-Torp, EdD, Special Education School Improvement Specialist
October 2017
Suddenly, everyone seems to be talking about mindfulness.  I hear it talked about in my fitness classes, in classrooms, in professional meetings and in the line at the supermarket! It seemed like a good time to explore the practice, and learn a little more about its research base and appl...

Welcome Back!

By Patti Slobogin, Director
September 2017
September has always been a time of excitement and anticipation for me. As a child I was one of those kids who couldn’t wait to start the school year, eagerly anticipating seeing school friends, meeting my new teacher and delving into new learning opportunities. Those feelings had a lo...

Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Power of Self-Management

By Sara Fienup & Erin Leskovic, RSE-TASC Behavior Specialists
July-August 2017
Teachers typically report that dealing with students’ disruptive behaviors is the single greatest challenge they face (Fox & Hemmeter, 2009). This likely comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever worked in an educational setting. Challenging behaviors can be extraordinarily frustra...
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