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RSE-TASC Reporter Articles


Teacher-Student Relationships and Academic Achievement: What’s the Connection?

By Ann Narcisse, Regional Special Education Training Specialist, and Dale Langley, Behavior Specialist
February 2018
Growing up in a Spanish-speaking household one of the authors, Ann, was subjected to an ample variety of “dichos”, or sayings, with nuanced meanings. She was repeatedly warned against laziness and lying. Her mother was very concerned about who she spent time with and would frequently ...

Making New Year’s Resolutions? Select and Implement an Evidence-Based Practice in Your School or Classroom!

By Fran Fernandez & Nicole Scariano, RSE-TASC Special Education School Improvement Specialists
January 2018
January marks the beginning of a new year and brings with it a spirit of reflection and commitment to self-improvement.  Many of us make plans to change a current work routine or establish a new one, but weeks to months later, find we have fallen back into the old routine and are wonderin...

Check-In/Check-Out: A Tier 2 Behavior Support

By Sara Fienup, RSE-TASC Behavior Specialist
December 2017
When students with significant behavioral challenges do not receive adequate intervention, the costs can be astronomical. Not only do unaddressed behavior problems lead to negative individual, family, and educational outcomes such as poor achievement and dropping out, but they also lead to...

Put Me In, Coach!: Enhancing Teachers' Competence and Confidence through Practice-Based Coaching

By Erin Leskovic, RSE-TASC Preschool Behavior Specialist
November 2017
Anyone in education has likely experienced poorly designed professional development (PD) at one time or another. We are stuck in a meeting or lecture where the content does not apply to our work or the focus of the meeting is uninspiring (anyone want to spend a day learning how to fill out...
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