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RSE-TASC Reporter Articles


Transforming Evidence-Based Practices into Usable Innovations: A Case Study with SRSD

By Ann Narcisse, Regional Special Education Trainer & Nicole Scariano, School Improvement Specialist
October 2018
This summer when we presented our Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) workshop, we wanted to ground the workshop in a highly effective, evidence-based practice (EBP). We decided on Self Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD), a set of student strategies for writing that teachers can explicitl...

Lower Hudson RSE-TASC: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going in 2018-2019?

By Patti Slobogin, PhD, Director
September 2018
Happy September, and welcome back!  At the Lower Hudson RSE-TASC we are excited about the new school year and the initiatives in which we will be collaborating with you.  To set the stage, we wanted to look back at the accomplishments of last year and share some plans for the upcoming ye...

Student Outcome Bright Spots: What Works, and How Can We Do More of It?

By Andrew J. Ecker, Ed.D., Special Education School Improvement Specialist, John McCabe, LCSW, Non-District Specialist, and Dale Langley, PsyD, Behavior Specialist, Lower Hudson RSE-TASC
July/August 2018
On June 7, more than 250 educators from across our region joined in celebrating student outcomes, learning what works, and how to do more of it.  This occurred at our first-ever RSE-TASC Student Outcomes Conference a/k/a SOcon.  Seventeen school, agency, and program teams celebrated the ...

Finding and Learning from Bright Spots

By Patti Slobogin, PhD, Coordinator
November 2013
I have been thinking a lot about something I read two summers ago in the book Switch by Chip and Dan Heath. In a chapter titled Find the Bright Spots, they tell the story of Jerry Sternin, who went to Vietnam for Save the Children, and was given six months to develop a solution to the se...
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