This month’s Bright Spot comes from Patrick Clarke, a Special Education teacher at Bronxville High School, who has attended RSE-TASC trainings focusing on work-based learning and the Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Commencement Credential.

What were students with disabilities able to achieve?

Bronxville students recently developed a school-based enterprise that is helping them develop employability skills while promoting community integration.  Students are learning about marketing, sales, merchandise management and teamwork. One student is applying graphic design skills, and designed a holiday logo depicting a snow globe and the school’s mascot, the Bronxville Bronco.  The image was reproduced on t-shirts and mugs.

What practices or systems made this possible?

Patrick was able to establish the school-based business because he developed partnerships with other staff and he saw this as an opportunity for community members to benefit from the products developed by the students.

What can we learn from this Bright Spot?

According to the National Technical Assistance Center on Transition  (NTACT) students who engage in work experiences, paid and unpaid, have better post-high school outcomes in the areas of both education and employment.  Today’s school-based enterprise is helping prepare Bronxville students for their future lives in college and the workforce.