Higher Order Analysis and Evaluation – June 2016

This Bright Spot comes from Fred Santoli, Coordinator of Curriculum & Assessment at Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES. Fred has been supporting teachers in the Fox Meadow program in using Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) strategies to increase high school students’ ability to ask higher order questions.

Literacy Workstations – May 2016

Our Bright Spot this month comes from teachers at Graham Elementary School in Mount Vernon who are implementing a district initiative on differentiating through small group Literacy Workstations with support from RSE-TASC Special Education School Improvement Specialist Denise Jaffe.

Improving Students’ Reading and Writing Skills – April 2016

This Bright Spot comes from Fayga Ringel, a resource room teacher in a school in East Ramapo.

Proof that Positive Acknowledgment Increases Motivation and Performance – March 2016

This Bright Spot comes from staff at the School for Adaptive & Integrated Learning (SAIL) at Ferncliff Manor, a residential program for students with severe disabilities.

Student Self-Regulation – February 2016

This Bright Spot comes from Gina Cerone at Ardsley High School.

Work-Based Learning Opportunities – December 2015

Our Bright Spot this month comes from Kim Arruda at Hawthorne Country Day School.

Improving Regents and Writing through Explicit Instruction – November 2015

At Peekskill High School, Special Education Teacher Nicholas Agnello has seen a significant increase in students' on-time arrival to class, preparation for learning, engagement throughout the class period, and work completion. Recently, his students have increased their writing skills both in English class and across other subjects. Last year, Nick's students' grades and Regents scores increased from previous years.

Beginning the Day Right with Positive Behavioral Supports – October 2015

Sometimes a student’s negative experience on the bus can set the tone for the whole day. At Lincoln Avenue Elementary School in Pearl River, PBIS Coach Kathleenann Cool reports that they were able to improve overall behavior on school buses, resulting in significant decreases in bus discipline referrals.

Creating Self-Directed Learners through Reciprocal Teaching – June 2015

Marie Considine, a Resource Room teacher at Lakeview Elementary School in Mahopac, is thrilled to see an increased level of engagement among the students in her Resource Room. While her students have always been interested in scientific articles involving mysterious natural occurrences and unusual animals from around the globe, they are now excited to share their work and the connections they have made to the text out loud. They are talking to each other about sections of text that challenge them and analyzing what they think other students their age might struggle with, like multiple meaning words and unclear topics.

Engaging Parents with CBMs – May 2015

Elena Ratsprecher, a Resource Room teacher at Kakiat Elementary School in the East Ramapo Central School District shares this Bright Spot:“Over the last two years parents of my students have been consistently positive about annual CSE meetings, saying that because of the visuals I provide, they leave with a clear understanding of the growth and continuing needs of their child. “
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