RSETASCBlueprintAll of us are concerned about the performance of our student with disabilities; otherwise, would we be in this profession, (or reading this blog)? How do we continue to support our students academically and socially, improve their high school graduation rates, and ensure they experience meaningful post-school outcomes?

The NYS Office of Special Education articulated their mission in a framework of priorities and goals called “The Blueprint for Improved Results for Students with Disabilities” which was released a few weeks ago to the Regents. After consulting with various stakeholders statewide, the blueprint focuses on core principles and evidence-based practices for all students with disabilities. We’ll know we are doing our job as special educators well when we see:

  • students who are able to self-advocate
  • parents who are well-informed and equal partners in the special education process
  • teachers who can provide specially designed instruction that is research-based and supports students with disabilities
  • schools that can provide multi-tiered systems of behavioral and academic support, and
  • schools that provide high quality inclusive programs.

This “blueprint” is really our mission statement. All of us now have self-reflect as special educators to make sure our practices are aligned with this framework and that our work is ensuring all students have access to a quality education.