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Why The Lower Hudson Regional Partnership Center exists to ensure that students with disabilities experience the academic and social success needed to meet their goals and be successful in their communities now and as adults. Read some of our Bright Spot stories to learn how students and their families are achieving success in collaboration with regional educators.


The Lower Hudson Regional Partnership Center supports regional educators in developing their capacity to implement instructional practices and systems that have been proven to be effective for students with disabilities. Read our Newsletter and visit our Whats Works pages to learn more about these practices and the evidence of their effectiveness.


The Lower Hudson Regional Partnership Center provides a range of professional development opportunities for regional educators to learn about effective practices and systems. Check our Training Calendar, the Mini-Courses on our What Works pages, and our recommended School Tools to start building your skills.

Welcome to the Lower Hudson Regional Partnership Center website where you can learn how educators in the Lower Hudson region are improving outcomes for students with disabilities!


Celebrating Student

The students in Meryl Taylor’s 5th grade self-contained classroom are busy constructing higher order thinking questions and engaging each other with these questions during classroom discussion. They are proud of their ability to challenge each other to think more deeply about topics and are showing more confidence during student-led discussions.

How did these students become so adept at critical questioning and discussion techniques?


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