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RSE-TASC Reporter Articles


Social-Emotional Screening: Effectively Targeting Student Support

By Dale Langley, Behavior Specialist and John McCabe, Special Education School Improvement Specialist
April 2016
"Why aren’t schools putting more of a priority on social-emotional learning (SEL)?” We frequently ask ourselves this question during our behavior planning meetings because we hear educators in our region express a deep-seated belief that what and how kids learn socially and behavi...

When the Stakes are High: The Impact of Stereotype Threat and What We Can Do About It

By Nicole Scariano, Special Education School Improvement Specialist
March 2017
Throughout the school year students form social identities about who they are and what they bring to the world. These identities are shaped in many different ways - from race and gender to religious affiliation, favorite band or team - and with each of these identities come a set of expect...

What Are the New Changes in Testing Accommodations?

By Ann Narcisse & Laurie Levine, Regional Special Education Training Specialists
February 2017
In a few months, many of our students with disabilities will be taking the Grades 3-8 New York State English Language Arts Assessments. As a result of a new State Education Department (SED) policy there have been changes in allowable testing accommodations, specifically with the accommodat...

Improving All Students’ Mental Health Outcomes: Start with Why - Part II

By Andrew J. Ecker, EdD, Special Education School Improvement Specialist
January 2017
Two years ago I wrote a Reporter article to share my why (as in Sinek, 2011) – improving mental health outcomes for all students. Since then I have participated in the National Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) Targeted Workgroup and conducted doctoral research on this topic. My t...
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